How Permanent is Permanent Make-Up?

How Permanent is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is becoming more popular than Britney in the late 90s, and it seems to be the go-to for perfect make-up results at any age, financial level, occupation, and gender. Even those who are anti-cosmetic surgery or anti-anti-aging procedures are down for some long-lasting, crazy-even, natural-looking eyebrows. And who can blame them?


But the number one question about permanent make-up is: is permanent make-up permanent? Like, really, permanent? At Clinic Lefever, we work on lots of faces and bodies, and we’ve seen the longevity of permanent make-up go from several months to several years. So, why are some luckier than others? Let’s discuss…


What is Permanent Make-Up?

Essentially, permanent make-up is tattooed make-up. It’s generally applied to the lips, eyes, and eyebrows. However, we can apply this cosmetic technique to any part of the body that requires it or that the client desires.


This means that getting that perfect cat-eye doesn’t have to make you late for work every morning, and spending your paycheck on finding the perfect lip shade can be a thing of the past.

We don’t know about you, but the less time we spend on our make-up regimen, the more time we spend on the things we enjoy. Because, hey, applying make-up is a skill, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. It takes patience, practice, and sometimes tears (but, pro tip, get them out before you put your mascara on).


It’s for these reasons (and a myriad of others) that permanent make-up has really made a name for itself. From celebrities to homemakers to drag queens and performers, permanent make-up is a life-changer. But is it worth it?

How Can I Ensure My Permanent Make-Up Stands the Test of Time?

Your permanent make-up will last for years with the right amount of care and upkeep. We usually recommend yearly touch-ups, sometimes even every six months (for pesky skin). However, every client is different.


So, why then do we call it permanent? Because the tattoo can’t be washed off. Pigment is tattooed into the dermal layer of the skin, and there it shall stay for a lengthy amount of time (comparatively). While the quality of the look will undoubtedly shift through time (without the required maintenance), the client will likely see the effects of the tattoo for years. For it to look the way you want, regular visits with your PMU artist are highly recommended.


There are many variables that will affect the outcome of your permanent make-up’s endurance and look. Some include:


  • Placement
  • Skin’s texture and proneness to oily or dry skin
  • Pigment used (color)
  • Care of tattoo
  • Sun exposure
  • Age
  • Your personal reaction to the pigment
  • Products used
  • And more


While you can’t control all of these things, you should certainly control those you can to optimize and prolong your results.


Being proactive with your skin and health is always a plus, and your permanent make-up is no different. So, yes, getting this cosmetic technique is way easier than applying make-up daily, it saves time, it precisely enhances your natural beauty, it provides confidence, and it’s just an overall win. But, some maintenance should be expected.


What can you do to help? Here’s what we recommend:


  • An annual visit (or more) with Clinic Lefever to check on the progress, perhaps a touch-up here and there will be in order
  • Stay out of the sun or use SPF 30 or higher (you should be doing this anyway, if not to avoid cancer, to avoid wrinkles)
  • Ensure your lotions, moisturizers, skincare, foundations, etc. align with the longevity of your pigment (avoiding acidic creams and Retinol is critical)
  • Use make-up and skincare products with ingredients that serve to protect your pigment
  • Use pigments that last longer (this means the color will be darker)


Keep in mind that your immediate aftercare is vital, so don’t skip any steps and do exactly what the specialists say to achieve the best results and generate the proper healing process.


So, Is Permanent Make-Up Worth It?

If you think rolling out of bed and not needing to pull out the light-up, magnifying mirror (only to agonize over your pore size before you begin your eyebrow installation) on a daily basis is bliss, then yes. Permanent make-up is very worth it.


This procedure can last for years and years, and the pricing at Clinic Lefever makes it even more appealing. We can help if you have:


  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Thin or light lips
  • Thin, scant, or non-existent eyebrows
  • A thin lashline
  • A level of disdain for applying make-up
  • And more


Call us to learn more about permanent make-up, its permanence, its cost, and how you can get the look you try to achieve every day, every day, with ease.