Correcting Permanent Make-Up: The Pros and Cons

Correcting Permanent Make-Up: The Pros and Cons

We’ve seen it plenty of times; the permanent make-up that you wish wasn’t permanent. Maybe it’s just not how you were hoping your PMU experience would pan out. Or, maybe you’re just sick of it. Perhaps it wasn’t done correctly. We get it. But, the big question remains: can you correct permanent make-up?


The answer to that question isn’t truly a one-size-fits-all response. There are loads of variables that come into play when it comes to correcting permanent make-up. That said, don’t get discouraged; if you’re prepared for a realistic outcome, you can be very happy with your results.

Reasons people want to correct their permanent make-up

Both our Almere permanent make-up clinic and our Oldetrijne permanent make-up clinic work with a variety of people who want to change, remove, or improve upon their current permanent make-up look.


Our clientele is vast; age, gender, occupation, and lifestyle run the gamut. However, they all want the same thing: to feel comfortable in their own skin. No one can blame anyone for that, and we want to help.


Some of the reasons our patients see us for PMU correction include:


  • Incorrect or unflattering shape
  • Discoloration
  • The color is too dark or bold
  • They no longer like the look
  • The look is outdated


Whether you want a more updated look, a more natural finish, or to remove unappealing color, you and our team have the same goal: Get it done as best we can for the ultimate finish and a result you’re satisfied with.


Techniques to correct permanent make-up & kinds of PMU correction

Our clinicians use various methods to correct your PMU. Like with the correction results, these solutions will vary by the person, their goals, and necessity.


Shape correction

Shape correction can be done to eyebrows, lip liner, eyeliner, and areolas. Using additional permanent make-up is often all that’s needed. This is done to enhance symmetry, add more definition, create a more attractive shape, and to provide balance.


Color correction

Obviously, color fades (sun, age, lifestyle, wear and tear), and correcting that is one of the more simplistic procedures we provide. We can easily help clients looking to go darker or more dramatic with their color and know how to cover the green, gray, blue, red, and black that tend to pop up.


However, a more advanced color corrective technique is called for when someone is hoping to go from dark to light. Using corrective pigment, we will tattoo over the area of discoloration to nullify it, making it look more natural.


Sometimes, the existing pigment is too dense in the unwanted area, and adding color to it is ill-advised. We can discuss other options, such as removing the make-up altogether if that’s the case for you.



Non-laser pigment lightening

This process uses saline tattooed into the skin that serves to force the pigment to the skin’s surface; it’s intended to rid the skin of as much pigment as it can.


We use this correction procedure on permanent lips often and have seen great success. While it is successful, it does take time, as the area must heal before its next treatment. Expect each session to last about an hour. And don’t worry, like with most of our solutions, you’ll receive a topical anesthetic to keep pain to a minimum.


Laser removal

Laser removal is the most effective solution to removing PMU. Light will penetrate through the skin, reaching the pigment and break it up into particles. These particles will leave the body through the lymphatic system over several weeks, and the skin will heal to show a successful change in color or even a complete removal of color.


Our PMU specialists will ensure you’re a good candidate for this treatment through a spot test. Like with the other treatments we’ve discussed, multiple treatments may be necessary. Expect to spend about a half-hour with us each visit.


The results of permanent make-up correction

Clinic Lefever has seen several clients who come in with a preconceived image of their correction results. Expectations usually run incredibly high. We’re not here to burst your bubble. What we want to do, is inform you that results differ by each person, by the techniques used, and, of course, by the location of the PMU and type of permanent make-up in need of correction.



Correcting permanent make-up with Clinic Lefever

We never want a client to leave our clinic upset with us or the results of their permanent make-up correction, which is why we are honest upfront and provide open dialogue throughout your correction journey. If you decide we’re not for you, or if we believe your correction will not live up to your standards, we encourage you to work with another artist.


Remember, most likely; your process will not be complete on day one. We will need to work with you for several sessions in many cases. Keep your eye on the long game, though. If our team believes we can get you the realistic results we said we could, we’re here to make it happen. Call us to discuss your options.


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